how to fundraise

  1. Utilize your Donor Drive Page.  Post on Social Media, telling people why you got involved with MadiTHON and how they can help.

  2. Donate your Christmas or birthday money.

  3. Ask family members for donations over the holidays.

  4. Fill up a 2-liter soda bottle with dimes.  This will average out to approximately $500.

  5. Skip your extra cup of coffee for one week.

  6. Be the FTKab for a night and donate the money.

  7. Ask your donors if their companies will match their donation.

  8. Shave your head/dye your hair when you raise a certain amount of money

  9. I found these on FSU's website.

  10. Post a funny picture on Facebook or Instagram for each donation received

  11. Have stuff you don’t want anymore? Sell it on a website!

  12. Babysit and have a % of your earnings go to your fundraising account

  13. Have a yard or garage sale

  14. Mow lawns

  15. Have a bake sale

  16. Throw a party and charge people to get in or participate

  17. Host a dinner

  18. Bring old clothes to Plato’s closet

  19. Text everyone you know!

  20. Send emails and follow through with phone calls

  21. Give rides to class for a donation

  22. Be the taxi for the night and ask friends for donations when you drop them off or pick them up

  23. Host a car wash

  24. Be the delivery man/woman for the night and bring friends food or coffee while studying

  25. Ask 20 family and friends to donate $10 to sponsor you for every hour of the Marathon (That’s $200!)

  26. Put a bucket outside your work for spare change donations (with permission of course!)

  27. Regularly post your fundraising page on social media

  28. Have your parents post your fundraising page on their Facebook pages

  29. Contact old teachers/professors

  30. Do your friends’ laundry

  31. Keep a change jar!

  32. Utilize the letter template and send handwritten letters!

  33. Bake cookies/brownies for donations

  34. Artistic? make personalized items and sell for a donation

  35. Wear/do something crazy in public when you reach a certain monetary goal

  36. Do housework/errands for a donation

  37. Walk dogs or dog-sit

  38. Sell back your old textbooks

  39. Ask for donations on behalf of the holidays and your Birthday!

  40. Ask companies if they will match how much you fundraise within a certain period of time

  41. Tweet at celebrities

  42. Utilize the sponsorship letter(Coming soon) and ask local businesses, past job sites, and your high schools if they would be willing to sponsor you to participate in Dance Marathon.

  43. Buy a dozen donuts and sell each donut for $1; do the same with a box of pizza!

  44. Ask friends/family to send a mass email on your behalf

  45. Share your story and let people know why you are passionate

  46. Ask for "dare donations" and allow your friends to dare you to do something if they donate a certain amount

  47. Talented? Write a song, perform a rap, write a poem, or perform a dance move for every donor who donates to your page and post it on social media

  48. Ask professors if you are able to can in class

  49. Go canning! (football weekends and other shops, malls, and areas you are able to get permission from)

  50. Set a fundraising goal and if it is reached set out a challenge that you will do (ex: run a marathon, serenade President Thrasher, be creative!)

  51. Participate in all DM at FSU fundraising campaigns!

  52. Save $1 each day leading up to the marathon

  53. Go Holiday (or any other time) Caroling for donations

  54. Make a deal with your parents for every 'A' you receive on a test, quiz, paper, etc. they will donate a certain amount to your account

  55. Hold some sort of challenge (corn hole, baking, etc.) with a fee to participate and the winner receives the money entered to win into their fundraising account

  56. Challenge Facebook/Instagram/Twitter friends to donate to your page through creative, original posts

  57. Run or bike a marathon for donations!

  58. Write a letter to family and friends describing what being FTK means to you! Share your passion!

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