Being "For The Kids" to me is recognizing the privilege and blessings of my own healthy childhood. This cause holds a special place in my heart because I have seen what it is like for a child to have to spend the majority of their life in a hospital. The kids treated by CMN Hospitals are treated for an array of different issues ranging from childhood cancer, premature births, organ problems, and even everyday illnesses and injuries. When my cousin was born, he was incredibly premature and tiny, living the majority of the beginning of his life in the NICU in an incubator. When he was finally allowed to come home, his family had to keep him at home away from people to prevent his fragile immune system from the germs of the world. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has done years of physical therapy, received numerous botox injections and even had surgery to break his legs to straighten them out. He doesn't view his differences as anything to hold him back and live his life as a happy and healthy 12-year old that treats everyone with kindness. 

When I found dance marathon and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, I realized that this experience is common and not only draining to the children but to the parents both financially and emotionally. Miracle Network Dance Marathons, MadiTHON, raise money for these kids to achieve healthy lives outside of hospitals and even provide charitable care for the families that cannot provide what is financially required of them.

I'm for the kids because I was blessed with a healthy and full childhood outside of a hospital, something every kid deserves. I dance all 12 hours at MadiTHON for the kids who can't, in the hopes that one day they can!


For The Kids Always,


Kelsey Osborne


Thank you for taking the time to visit our MadiTHON website! I am so excited about our seventh dance marathon at James Madison University this year.

I was very fortunate to have an amazing childhood. I would play outside every night in the neighborhood with my friends until the sun went down. When I transferred to JMU and was looking for my home on campus, I decided to go through Panhellenic Recruitment. I immediately fell in love with Phi Mu because of its philanthropy focus, Children’s Miracle Network. After I was initiated, I knew I wanted to get involved as much as possible. Being able to help and watch MadiTHON come to life the past two years has been a favorite part of my college experience. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to serve these miracle families and children and hope to raise the most money ever in our history.  

In our seven years as an organization, we have raised over $300,000 for the UVA Children’s Hospital. With your help, whether it be dancing, donating, or spreading our mission, we can reach our awesome goal of $130,000 this year. I will dance until every child is able to enjoy their childhood outside of hospital walls. Join me as we fight for the next generation.


For the Kids,

Sara Moncure

MadiTHON 2020 Internal Director

© MadiTHON 2019 

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