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All organizations at JMU are encouraged to participate in MadiTHON! 

MadiTHON couldn't run without the many different organizations that participate each year. Any student group, or group of students, have the opportunity to make their own team for MadiTHON, set a fundraising goal, and come out in full force to dance For The Kids! Making a team is an easy way to get your entire group involved and work together for a common goal. The first person in your group to register for MadiTHON can make the team and will become the team's "captain". As captain, it will be your job to give updates about MadiTHON to the rest of your team, get everyone pumped for the event, and keep encouraging people to get donations. 

Making a team is easy, just follow these steps below:

1. Click here to register as a hero!

2. Select "Create a Team" and then enter your team name. If your team has already been made then select "Join a Team" when registering. 

3. Finish filling out the rest of the information, and then start recruiting and fundraising!

There are tons of reasons to make a team but here are just a few:

  • Bond with your organization while uniting under a great cause

  • Meet our Miracle Kids

  • Attend organization-specific fundraising trips

  • Gain publicity

  • Cosponsor events

  • Network with other student leaders

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